A Story of Life & Love and Possibly Other Things

Cool Timeline

February 12

A Birth

Some kid I dunno
February 12

10th Birthday

February 12

20th Birthday

June 5

A Chance Encounter

At my brother’s schools celebration for the end of their final year I met someone from years past. Few know what happened, and that’s how it’ll stay.

June 24

Started Lernia Course

Lernia is a job coach firm in Lidköping. The course laster about 5 months.

March 3

Business Course

Started a course on how to run a small business

November 2

Started Sharepoint Education

A one-year program at Folkuniversitetet Göteborg

November 7

Started dating

I came over regularly to watch movies and play games, then one night I did something I wouldn’t have expected myself. She put her hand down on the sofa next to her, underneath the blanket she was under, and I took a chance of the century and reached under and put my hand on top of hers.

Later when I asked she said she put her hand down because she was curious if I’d take it. And I’m glad I did.

November 10

The First Date

On the first date we went to Bullseye. An “American style” hamburger restaurant in Lidköping. I’d been once before with my family.

November 21

The Second Date

This time we went to Italia, which is an Italian themed restaurant which is right next to Bullseye, and has the same owner.

November 29


The rejection was unexpected for me. I received a text. I was sad but accepted it. I didn’t reply which I kind of regret.

A while passed before I started coming over to watch movies and play games again. But things eventually returned to normal.

March 7


Lärande I Arbete or Learning Through Work, a period of mandated internship at a company as part of the course. This took place at a company called Mogul, who works with SharePoint, situated in Gothenburg and spans about 11 weeks.

October 10


Lärande I Arbete or Learning Through Work, a period of mandated internship at a company as part of the course. This took place at Duva, a company in Lidköping working with web development and hosting. This spanned about 12 weeks and marks the end of the course.

September 5

Started Working at InfoCare

Via StudentConsulting. The job was supporting a set of schools that had gotten a set of laptop and tablets through a program.

It was a part-time job that involved a bunch of sitting around and a bunch of driving.

September 13

A Second Chance

As we were sitting on the sofa watching a movie with her brother as usual I noticed she was leaning slightly towards me, unsure I put my arm up on the backrest, and she leaned against me. I couldn’t believe it. It’d been so long, but, had she changed her mind? Turns out that yes, she had.

A few weeks passed, we snuggled lightly in the couch as usual, until it became very late, her brother went outside to smoke. I finally gathered enough courage and kissed her. I asked “Are we together now?” and she said something along the lines of “Yeah I think so.”

I thought I’d have to ask more formally, but she said I’d already asked, which didn’t really occur to me when I did it.

October 23

Started working at Entos

My first proper full-time job.

March 3

Moved to Apartment in Skara

I moved away from my parents home and into my own apartment.

April 25


I made an omelet! It turned out better than it seemed initially.

It contained bacon, red peppers and onion.

June 18

3 Week Europe Trip

Going on a trip with a bunch of friends and Zandra!

It’ll (probably) be fun!

July 8

Returned from Europe-trip

We returned from the Europe trip slightly earlier than planned. It was pretty great overall with a couple of hiccups along the way.

July 18

Breakup #1

As of this day I’m no longer together with Zandra.

February 12

30th Birthday