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Welcome! - Read before registering - Forecaster - 09-25-2016

Hello! Welcome to my forum which is going to serve as an alternative to the comment system for the boiler calculator, and as the only way to discuss/comment on my other sites, services and videos/streams (except YouTube comments).

Before registering I'll tell you the rules of this forum.
  • Keep to the topics of the forum
    If there isn't a specific section for something it probably doesn't belong here. If you like you can send me a pm requesting such a section to be added.
  • Treat each other nicely
    Respect others and their opinions (even if they're stupid), don't get angry about things that don't affect you. Basic stuff.
That's it. If you have any issues registering or have other questions you may email me at

To register you'll need this phrase: Rope-jumping Kangaroos