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About - Forecaster - 09-26-2016

So, what is this thing I hear you asking.

I've always found the idea of creating graphical interfaces in OpenComputers a bit intimidating. Since it requires keeping track of a bunch of numbers which is not one of my strengths. So once I'd gotten to a point where I needed a graphical interface I set out to create this application. I wouldn't call it much more than a prototype at the moment since it's barely usable and could do with some a lot of work to improve user-friendliness. It does work though.

In essence what it does is it allows you to "draw" boxes on a representation of an in-game screen and it can generate fill code to draw those boxes with an in-game program. It also generates the conditions needed to test for click events within the shapes which can be used to create clickable buttons.

Some of the things I'd like to improve at some point includes the way the code is presented and how color selecting works. I'm also going to change how the screen is drawn in a major way.