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About - Forecaster - 09-26-2016

Oh wow. This thing. I haven't touched this in years now.

It's terrible. Amazingly it doesn't look that terrible, but the way it's coded and the way navigating works is pretty awful. The way that logging into the admin panel requires clicking through a "you have logged in" screen is absolutely terrible. The concept is good however. I'd like to re-write this sometime and make it easier to maintain, add data and handle spam and such.

It still occasionally gets spam entries. But significantly less than it used to, which is nice.

In case you're wondering the basic idea is to provide a way to find where a specific game keeps its save files, so instead of having to scour the internet to find a post on reddit or something mentioning it you can just come here and see.

No idea what the demand is for such a thing, but it was one of my first projects and at the time I really wanted such a thing.