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About - Forecaster - 09-26-2016

This application is meant to assist with calculating combat outcomes when playing Talisman, quite simply.

Talisman is a board game/role playing game where you play as a character, move around a board-world collecting items and followers, fighting monsters and deal with events and the other players. You have two stats that determine your fighting prowess, "Craft" and "Strength". Strength obviously represents physical combat, while Craft represents mental combat. When facing a monster you must fight it on it's term, if it uses craft you must use craft, if it uses strength you must use strength.

And of course various items and followers and abilities can boost these separately or together, and also depending on if it's night or day. All of these factors makes combat a bit slow since you need to re-calculate your total craft or strength every encounter to make sure you're using the right value.

So, by using this you can add and subtract things from your character as the game goes along, and once you end up in combat instead of tallying your bonuses you can just pick the character and monster to fight in the app, then hit a button and you get the result of the encounter immediately.

This is a work-in-progress still and isn't fully usable yet. There's some issues with data persistence, like the day/night state not being loaded properly.

RE: About - Forecaster - 09-27-2016

Finished loading to load day/night state properly, and adjusted how combat results are displayed a bit. It's now usable!