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Ancient Civilizations (Old Server Worlds) - Forecaster - 01-30-2017

Once upon a time, in ancient times, in a galaxy far far away, I used to run a minecraft server, sometime during the beta phase of minecraft. Not sure exactly when I got started. Unlike the current modded lets play server it had other players on it. It lived through the beta phase and until release 1.7 I believe. That's around the time it died for the last time. And it's been dead since.

Occasionally I get asked about the old worlds, and I've kept some of them around. Recently it happened again, and I went through my files looking for them. Unfortunately it seems I should have made a proper archive of them instead of keeping them strewn about here and there, because it appears I've lost a few of them, which is a shame.

But now I've organized the ones I do have left, and I'm going to link them here.

I've gone through the world data trying to figure out when the worlds were from, but unfortunately the only date stored among the data is "last played", so I've noted that with each world. I've also gone into each of them in the current version (1.11.2) which has also converted the worlds that needed to be converted to the Anvil format. Some of them needed to have fire ticks turned off to keep buildings from catching fire, which I've also done.

In the archive root there is a file called "World Contents" which contains a list of points of interest that I saw while checking the world, it also has the seed, and a list of players who've played in each world at some point (from the player data files, so they could just have logged on and logged off).

Also included is a world containing "The Dungeon". This is the latest version of it, which I can't remember if it was actually used at any point, unlike the previous versions. But it is interesting because it contains cutouts of some points of interest from older worlds, like Trade Port, the Carnival and perhaps a few more.
Conveniently it has teleporters set up to the different areas that still work. (they use command blocks)
There is also a bunch of other command block mechanisms that powers the class system and some other things that you are free to explore if you feel like it. Getting around should be self-explanatory once in the world.

The latest version of the 1.7 Beta world has been provided by that_kiwi and have been added to the folder with the others, also converted to 1.11.2 and with fire turned off. It turns out that was the world with tower town in the name, so now there are two versions of that.

The worlds can be found here: