OpenComputers Interface Designer

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Draw shapes on the screen above to add them to the reference list below. Click a shape to toggle visibility. Right-click for additional options.

No shapes drawn yet.

This code is run once when you hit run.

After running the main block, clicking on the screen will call the code in this field. You can use the variables `x` and `y` here which are set to the column and row of the clicked pixel respectively.

Think of this as what you would put inside a touch event listener.

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Alpha means many features are missing or broken, as I'm still in the middle of re-writing this application.

Please report any issues or request features on the GitHub repository.

You may also visit my forum, join my Discord server, join #oc on via IRC or OpenComputers discord server and poke Forecaster to get help, report bugs or provide suggestions!

This application is for assisting with creating graphical interfaces for OpenComputers programs, something that I've always found slightly intimidating because it requires dealing with coordinates and stuff. Which means lots of numbers to keep track of.

Notable features: