OpenComputers Interface Designer

Resolution Presets:
Click a created shape to show controls
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Hi! This is a prototype currently, so beware of bugs! Go to my forum, join #oc on or OpenComputers discord server and poke Forecaster to get help, report bugs or provide suggestions!

This application is for assisting with creating graphical interfaces for OpenComputers programs, something that I've always found slightly intimidating because it requires dealing with coordinates and stuff. Which means lots of numbers to keep track of.

But with this you can graphically draw your buttons and boxes and get the code required to draw them with your program and to test for click events for them!

1. Select the resolution preset you need, or set a custom one
2. Select two points on the screen to create a shape
3. Click the created shape to show fill code and click event condition for this shape
4. Create as many shapes as you need