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This lets you subscribe to Forecaster's shows individually through email.

This is useful if there's a show you don't want to miss, but you don't have a YouTube/Google account, or you don't trust YouTube's subscription system which can be spotty sometimes, or just want to follow a specific show of mine and don't want the other videos to litter your feed.

If you do not receive your confirmation email within a few hours, re-enter your email (subscription selections don't matter) and submit to get the option to have the confirmation email re-sent.

If you are having issues with the subscription system please email the admin using this page.


Total Subscribers: 3
33% Railcraft
67% Modded Minecraft
67% Bonus
33% Fallout 4
33% Fallout
33% The Gungeon
33% Forecaster's Detours
100% Subscribed to system
67% Subscribed to news
67% Stream Scheduled
67% Stream Started
67% Stream Canceled
67% Stream VOD Added
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