Hello! Welcome to the Fantasy Grounds module generator for DungeonFog

This page and the generator itself were coded in their entirety by Forecaster, for the benefit of the venn diagram overlap between DungeonFog users and Fantasy Grounds users (such as myself).

You can get started right away by using the form below, or read on for more information!

If, after reading the sections below, you need additional help, or want to report an issue, you can find Forecaster on the DungeonFog discord. You can also report issues and submit feature requests on this projects GitHub repository (requires a GitHub account).

On the GitHub page you can also find all the code associated with this project, which includes the parser and this page.


Video overview/tutorial

00:00:00 - Chapter 0 - Introduction
00:05:27 - Chapter 1.1 - Executable & GUI
00:26:32 - Chapter 1.2 - Command line
00:49:01 - Chapter 2 - Web generator
00:52:16 - Chapter 3 - Python scripts

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Download Application

Go here to download the application version of this tool!

Generate Module

For the application version of the module generator see the sections below the form. Get more options and features by downloading the application.
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The module name and list of files are passed to the script as normal. The module author field is passed to the script using the -a parameter.

The following changelog is for the module generator in general, including this web page, the application and the Python scripts. Changes, features, or fixes unless specified may apply to all of these.

2021-08-19 v1.2.3 Change from setting ruleset to 53 to setting it to Any (Should make the module available in most CoreRPG-based rulesets 2021-07-28 v1.2.2 Executable doesn't work in command line mode Some typos 2021-07-27 v1.2.1 Portal number disappearing in portal refinement window when reaching double digits Portal refinement breaking when trying to parse more than one map Implemented proper logging system with levels Improved error handling for input files Block clicking Generate button in GUI with no files selected 2021-07-26 Ignore lights and ignore walls & doors is always on in online generator Example command output based on form fields 2021-07-20 Improved layout of web page Improved feedback from script when using form Update generator form to work with updated scripts 2021-07-18 v1.2 GUI & Executable Portal refinement mode Lighting support 2021-05-08 v1.1 All doors are walls bug Missing line in doors -p (portal refine) mode to script (not available in web version) 2021-04-26 v1.0 Initial release